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Free COVID-19 test

PDF issued from doctors within 5 mins
completely free of charge & online
all you need is an at-home antigen rapid test
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Known from:

patients from EU, UK and USA trust us every month already

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customer satisfaction and a money-back guarantee.


What does your service offer me?
DrAnsay.com provides you with simple, fast and secure Corona antigen rapid test (and soon recovery) certification at any time and from any place. Our doctors verify your information with or without video chat and send you the certificate as a PDF. In many countries, you can then enjoy more freedom with these documents, e.g. travel and visit events or restaurants. Please inform yourself about the current regulations that apply to you.
Is the risk of abuse not too high?
No. Our service offers a high level of protection against abuse while at the same time being very user-friendly. As long as there are no globally standardised digital test certificates, it is also impossible for inspectors, e.g. at the airport, to verify a test certificate from another country, so that forgeries can never be prevented.
Will I also receive a QR code for the Corona Warn app and the Google Pay app?
Yes, soon. We are working on it.
Is the test certificate also accepted for sure, esp. at the airport?
Yes, even checked & guaranteed by a lawyer. Please print out the proof of test as a precaution. Since last year, the practice at most airports is for passengers to hold up their test certificate and then be waved through without further ado.
Is the test certificate completely free?
Yes, it it completely free of charge for you. You need to provide your own at-home rapid antigen test though.
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